excellence in heating

What does your radiators say about your project? Radiators are often the focal point in empty spaces or in spaces with little decoration. Add a distinctive touch to your project: a touch that is synonymous with elegant design and flawless engineering. Since 1997, Efes has been turning aluminum into radiators with modern lines and high performance. 

excellence in bathrooms

Hygene is priority in your bathroom. Steel towel dryers may rust in time; chrome or paint finish may crack and peel. This situation is not only problem of aesthetics, but that of hygene for your textiles. As opposed to steel, aluminum does not rust. The heat conductivity of this metal is; moreover, 4 times that of steel and 12 times that of stainless steel. For this reason, Efes has been producing its towel dryers exclusively from aluminum since 1997. Subtle lines complete the excellence interiors of your bathrooms. 

efes means excellence

Efes has been manufacturing designer radiators and towel heaters exclusively from aluminum since 1997. Over the years, Efes products haves gained a reputation for their elegance and high quality performance among end users, architects, and distributors.

Efes has been the brand of choice for newly developing high-end projects such as prominent bank branches, villas, residences, and hotels throughout Eurasia. An important step toward becoming an internationally recognized brand has been supplying radiators to Chevron Corporation's housing projects in Aktau and Astana, Kazakhstan. Owners of smaller projects in the UK, Sweden, Germany and many other countries also continue to demand Efes radiators.

Our choice of exclusively using aluminum in manufacturing designer radiators is with good reason. Next to having various technical advantages such as durability and energy efficiency, aluminum, an easy to process metal, enables us to customize radiators for each client, adding up to over 200,000 possible size, model, and color combinations.

The goal of Efes is to introduce more people everyday to the advantages of its radiators and towel heaters, made exlusively from aluminium.

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